Best Weed Wackers for the Money in 2019

Who wants weeds sticking up around a nicely groomed green lawn? No homeowner wants to deal with that. It can ruin the entire appearance of the home with just a few weeds here and there. To prevent this from happening it’s time to get a handy tool in your home with a weed wacker.

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Choosing the best weed wacker for the price, will include what you decide is a good feature to have in a machine while making your work a lot easier. Consider the two in one option, a long lasting machine, a battery operated or gas powered weed eater, and one that is easy to handle. Here are some of the best weed wackers for the money.

Easy Conversion for Two in One Weedeater

Toro 51487 Cordless String Trimmer is 12 inches and comes with a 24 volt Lithium Ion battery. It’s lightweight at 7 pounds. It alerts you when the battery is running low with its check battery life indicator and you get an extended run time with its power saver mode. It has an automatic feed trim line system and it can automatically adjust to the right length according the level of grass.

It can be easily converted to an edger and you can adjust the cut from 12 inch to 10 inches depending on the amount of weeds and how large they are. It comes with a two year warranty and its battery has no loss of memory.

With a soft grip handle this machine reduces fatigue while working and it has a wall mount that allows you to store the weed wacker easily on a hook. Consumer like its easy conversion and how powerful it is.

Long Lasting Durable String Trimmer

Hitachi CG22 EAP25L Gas Powered String Trimmer has a solid steel drive shaft that is 60 inches long. It comes with a 7 year warranty which is one of the longest for consumers and with its anti vibration system you don’t have to worry about fatigue. It is lightweight at the same time at 11 pounds and it is well balanced.

As it comes fully assembled you don’t have to put the machine together to get started. It has a Walbro carburetor with a purge bulb that provides an easy start up process. It has a 13 foot long .095 inch polymer cutting line and a four inch slim trimmer head that is automatic.

You get a hassle free operation as this weed eater is capable of easy use through its powerful Pure Fire two stroke 21.1cc engine. Consumers like how light and quiet it runs.

Easiest Weed Wacker to Handle

Greenworks 2101602 Cordless String Trimmer is lightweight at 10 pounds and has an electrical start for an easy start up process.

There’s no gas or maintenance required and it comes with a strong 40 volt Gmax 2ah battery that is two times more powerful than 20 volt batteries. It has a 12 inch dual line that provides an automatic feed that is capable of whipping through tough weeds faster.

It reduces vibration and noise by 50 percent in comparison to the traditional weed eater and the battery provides up to 30 minutes of run time on one charge. It comes with its own charger. Consumers like how easy it is to handle and feel it delivers impressive power.

Weed Eater with Long Lasting Battery

Black and Decker LST 136W String Trimmer comes with a 40 volt Lithium Ion battery offers a maximum run time along with maximum power. It’s light and well balanced for easy control and maneuvering.

It also converts easily to an edger with a simple turn of the staff. It has an automatic feed spool that allows you to continuously work without bumping. Its battery charges within one hour and it has a shaft that is 13 inches long. Consumers like the amount of power you get from this machine and its easy conversion process.

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All of these weed wackers are great choices when searching for the ideal machine to remove the weeds from your lawn. They remove them quickly and efficiently while providing you with a number of features that makes work more fun.

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