Snow Blower Buying Guide

Our Snow Blower Buying Guide

Buying a snow blower makes life a lot easier when you live somewhere where it snows a lot. Our buying guide reviews different blowers so you can quickly find the top one or two to choose from.

With so many snowblowers to pick from you can choose the one that fits your needs the most with specific characteristics that you prefer. Finding the best deal would require you to determine what you want in a snowblower and if you feel it is worth the amount you are paying for it. So we here at Yardomatic have written some helpful tips on choosing the best possible snowblower for your specific needs.

Search for items that are able to make removing snow fun rather than hard work. Is it able to remove a large amount of snow quickly and easily? Is it able to move easily without sliding? You may prefer some of these characteristics about the snowblower and would need to purchase the one that fits your needs. Here are some of the best deals for snowblowers.

Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver

The Worx WG650 Electric Snow Thrower can throw snow up to 30 feet away and has an adjustable chute of 180 degrees that allows you more options to throw the snow. With a collapsible handle it’s easier to store the machine away.

There are quick clamps to adjust the handlebar that makes it easy to maneuver the machine and it is lightweight at 26 pounds.

It has rubber tipped steel augers that reduces rust and with a compact design it is easier to move the snowblower. Consumers like how fast and agile this machine. They appreciate its easy assembly and how well made it is.

Powerful Engine with Plenty of Force

The Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Snow Thrower has a dual stage 250cc engine that has earned a reputation of being long lasting. This snowblower is built to last and has a friction disk drive system. With an electrical start up process it is easy to start it every time. There are five speeds forward and two reversed speeds.

It comes with a three year limited warranty and has 12 inch steel augers. With reversible skid shoes you don’t have to worry about the snowblower sliding and it has a dash mounted chute control where you can determine where to throw the snow easier. It digs up a 20 inch deep and 27 inch wide pathway in one passing.

It weighs 189 pounds and has two 14 by 4 inch tires for easy maneuvering. With an LED light you get better viewing opportunities. Consumers like its good traction and easy assembly. They feel this machine works like a beast.

Capable of Throwing Lots of Snow

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 Electric Snow Thrower has a 13.5 amp motor that adds power and comes with a two year warranty. It creates a 10 inch deep and 18 inch wide pathway in one passing. With pivoting wheels you get an easy glide through the snow without much effort.It has a 20 watt halogen light that helps you see better in darker areas.

The machine weighs 33 pounds and it has four steel blades. You can throw the up to 650 feet of snow per minute and 2150 square feet of snow per hour. With an electric engine you don’t have to worry about using gas or oil.

It has an ergonomic grip that reduces the stress on your body while working. Its chute turns 180 degrees for easy direction. Consumers like its easy assembly and its ease in operation.

All of these snowblowers are excellent choices when looking for the best deal. They provide you with a variety of benefits that include removing a lot of snow, easy maneuvering and a powerful motor.

Best Snow Blowers for Home Use

Removing snow can be a difficult process if you live in an area that tends to get a lot of it each year. You want to be prepared with a snowblower that can quickly remove the snow from walkways, driveways, and anywhere else you tend to walk. Using a snowblower will help save you a ton of time and energy as it will remove the snow a lot easier than a shovel.

To help determine which snowblower may work better for using at home, choose from a variety of features that include how far the snow can be thrown, how deep and wide are the paths, and if they have lights. The following are among the best snow blowers that you can use at home.

Remove a Ton of Snow with the Snow Joe

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 Electric Snow Thrower can make a pathway of 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep in one passing. It comes with a two year warranty and has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to control the machine without causing stress to your body. It has easy gliding wheels that allow you to easily maneuver the machine.

It comes with 20 watt halogen lights to see better in the evening. Its four steel blades are capable of cutting through some of the toughest situations and its able to move up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. It moves 2150 square feet of snow per hour as you can adjust its chute 180 degrees.

The machine weighs 33 pounds so it is light enough to handle throughout the day and it comes with a 13.5 amp motor. With an electric start you have an easy start up process. It doesn’t need gas or oil which makes it easy to maintain. Consumers like its easy assembly and ease in operation.

Best Value for Your Money

The Powersmart DB7651 Two Stage Snow Thrower comes with an electric start up process which makes it easy to get started each time you use the snow blower. It has 12 inch serrated steel augers and four joysticks that allows you to control and adjust the direction and height of the discharges.

It weighs 180 pounds and is carb compliant, allowing it to be sold in all 50 states. It comes with a one year limited warranty. For easy maneuvering the machine has 13 by 4 inch tires and a 6.5 hp 212cc two stage engine for added power.

It can remove 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep of snow in one passing. Consumers like how powerful this machine is and how well it works. They feel it is of excellent value.

Most Simple and Easy to Control

The Toro 38381 Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower has a quick lever chute that allows you more control on where to throw the snow. It comes with a two year warranty. It is lightweight at 25 pounds and can make a 12 inch deep and 18 inch wide pathway.

It has a full ergonomic ball handle that reduces stress and it has a zip deflector along with an easy assembly for you to get started using it right away. It comes with a 15 amp motor and an electrical start up process that makes it easy to get going each time.

With a power curve technology you are able to maneuver the machine a lot easier than the traditional snow blower. Consumers like how simple it is to operate and how powerful yet small the Toro is.

All of these snowblowers are among the top choices to use at home. They all provide various features that make them easy to use and maneuver.

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