How to Clean a Lawn Mower

cleaning a lawn mower

Lawn mowers are expensive machines that need careful maintenance in order to keep working over a long period of time. Use the steps mentioned below to give your lawn mower a thorough cleaning and help prolong their work life:


Bring the mover out into an open, clean and dry area. Wear old or second hand clothes that won’t be ruined by dirt and grease. Make sure you have all the tools handy such as a hose, buckets, brushes, screwdriver, pliers as well as any spare parts that need to be replaced or cleaned and put back in the mower.


1. Unplug the mower from its electrical outlet and drain the fuel out of the machine. Make sure the water does not reach the outlets to avoid short circuits.

2. Use a broom to brush the motor at the start. This won’t remove the hardened grime, but will loosen most of the surface dirt, which can be swept away and disposed of right from the beginning. Use a smaller brush to attend to the inside of the mower from various angles.

3. Use your gloved hand to examine the machine’s crevasses more closely, and brush or rub away the harder sticking dirt clumps with your hand. Your hand will allow you to have a far more intimate understanding of the nature of dirt that surrounds the mower and which needs to be removed.

4. Turn the mower on its side and remove any grass, leaves and other debris that can be found wrapped around the blade.

5. Scrub the visible portions of the machine with a soft brush using soapy water. Take care not to scratch the surfaces by applying too much pressure on the brush.

6. Hose the lawn mower down thoroughly and allow the water to reach the difficult spots inside the machinery that need to be cleaned.

7. Bring out the air filer attached to the machine and give it a thorough cleaning. Make sure you remove all the dust particles by using a blowing machine or using your mouth.

8. Replace the spark plug at regular intervals of using the machine, since it gets worn out quickly.

9. Take out the blade of the mower and get the blades sharpened, since dull blades do not allow the mower to do it’s job properly.

10. Take out the catcher and give it a good hosing to remove leaves and grass particulate.

11. Oil the parts of the machine that need oiling and ensure that the entire system functions smoothly.


1. Keep checking the blower and muffler areas of the lawn mower for collecting dirt and grime.

2. Keeping mowers in storage often leaves rodents and other small animals to build nests inside that can cause problems.

3. Perform a quick cleanup for the mower after every cutting session to reduce extra work during extended cleaning sessions.

4. Keep a brush and cleaning cloth close to the place where the mower is stored to encourage future use.

5. Always wait till the engine has cooled down before beginning cleaning operations to avoid getting burnt.


1. Take great care not to cut your hand while cleaning the blades.

2. Make sure the machine is disconnected before cleaning it.

3. Keep track of the smaller parts of the machines and keep them in a box to keep from losing them.

4. Wear old clothes or overalls to avoid getting oil on new clothes.

5. Make sure any cleaning fluids you use do not cause corrosion of the metal.

6. Avoid storing the mower in an open space where it can be attacked by the harsh forces of nature.

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