Best Sun Joe Pole Saw

Are you looking for Sun Joe pole saw reviews? Here I have made one that might comes handy to you if you have already decided or thought of buying a pole pruner from them. Sun Joe is another great name when it is a matter of best electronic pole saw.

Before reading further, keep that in mind that they only produce electric pole pruner. They don’t manufacture any gas powered or manual pole saw. So you should read this Sun Joe pole saw reviews only if you are looking for electric pole pruner.

Company Overview

Sun Joe is a raising pole pruner manufacturing company. Sun joe and Snow’s joe are the same company under two heads. Show joe makes snow blower or tools relevant to taking care of snow while sun joe makes User-Friendly, Affordable + Innovative Lawn + Garden Tools. The company was founded on 2004 with an electric snow shovel.

Snow Joe® + Sun Joe® continue to push the envelope of design and innovation to make smart lawn and garden care solutions accessible to every consumer.

Sun joe only manufacture electric pole pruner (Corded and Cordless). They don’t produce any manual or gas powered pole pruner.

Best Sun Joe Electric Pole Saw

Sun Joe electric pole saws, which are basically chains saws with an extendable telescoping pole. They have some good range chainsaw on a pole such as 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 inches, so you have a great option of choices.

Sun joe electric multi-angle telescopic pole chain saws are popular mainly for two reasons. They are cheap priced quality pole chainsaw and they cutting bar has multi angling feature. You can easily adjust the cutting head from 0° to 30° angle.

They produce only two different corded and cordless electric pole pruner. The features that I like most and available on their both cordless and corded pruner are-

Some Noticeable Good Features of Sun Joe Pole Pruner:

The pole saw comes with an automatic chain lubrication system. The auto oiling features ensure the good health of the chainsaw.
The pole has a lock for the pole, built-in safety switches and hand guards with kickback brakes.
The pole pruners made by them are comparatively cheaper and most lightweight in nature.
The pole saws are packed with the most advanced brushless motors for top performance.
The cutting bar has adjustable multi-positioning features. You can easily reposition the cutting bar from 0° to 30° angles.
Their pruner comes with a good pole extension range.
A full 2-year warranty.
Some Features That Lack Sun Joe Pole Pruner:

The chainsaw is not detachable from the pole except the models SWJ806E and SWJ807E.
There is some complaint of oil leaking from the tanker.
Some models quickly get heat up.
They don’t have any gas powered or manual pole pruner.
Now I would like to make the reviews of their electric powered telescopic pruner separately under two heads.

Sun Joe Corded Pole Saw Reviews:
Sun joe has some good models as an option when it is the matter of corded pole pruner. The popular models are SWJ800E, SWJ802E, SWJ803E, SWJ806E and SWJ807E.

Among them, It should be highlighted here that-

Only SWJ802E, SWJ803E have the multi-position head cuts at 0, 15 and 30 angles.

And SWJ806E and SWJ807E have the detachable chainsaw features meaning you can detach the chainsaw from the pole and use it as a regular chainsaw. So you are getting 2 in one function here and can use them either as pole saw or as chainsaw which is really great.
However here I have made an overall comparison chart with all of their popular models. So that you can easily compare their features different and pick the right one for you.

My Suggestion:

If you need a regular chainsaw along with pole saw features then go with SWJ807E.
If you are looking for the multi-angle cutting feature, you may go with SWJ802E which is a bit popular over SWJ803E.
If you are looking for the most cheaper one and just looking for a normal pole saw with no extra features (especially the above mentioned two), you mat go for SWJ800E. and don’t worry about quality as the product is very popular on market.

Sun Joe Cordless Pole Saw Reviews:

Sun joe have two different battery powered pole chainsaw. The models are iON8PS and iON8PS2. The second model is the improved version of the first model.

Their battery-powered pole pruner is equipped with a powerful 40v lithium ion battery. The battery will provide up to 25 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime (up to 75 cuts). The chainsaw is with most advanced brushless motors that provide the top performance to you.

The 8 Inch cutting bar comes with auto oiling feature and 30º rotatable head to the optimal cutting position. And the pole is adjustable from 6.1 ft to 8.5 ft that mean you might get around 15 feet pole reach.

The differences between these two models are given below in a comparision chart. Hope these will be helpful for you

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