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STIHL Pole Saw

Welcome to my “Best STIHL pole saw reviews and buying guide”. Stihl is one of the best market’s leaders making pole saw for a long time. They have introduced some world class gas and battery powered pole pruner.

If you have decided to stay with them, you might be looking for the information of their telescopic pruner. Here I have made the Best Stihl Pole Saw Reviews for you.

Company Overview:

Stihl is a German manufacturer of chainsaws. Their specialty is on producing chainsaws claiming to be the world’s best-selling brand of chain saws, and the only chain saw manufacturer to make its saw chains and guide bars.

They built the first electric powered chainsaw weighed in at about 64 kg in 1926.

STIHL produces some of the top rated gas powered and battery powered pole saw and sells on the market. However, it also produces some cheap priced manual pole pruner.

The Uniqueness of STIHL:

Being a timeworn and leading chainsaw maker, they do have some uniqueness of their own. They are-

  • They don’t sell their products through their authorized dealers.
  • They use their self-manufactured chainsaw and guide bars on their final products.
  • They have more than 1000 patents of their various products.

Overall Pros of STIHL:

  • They are a kind of market leader in producing chainsaw.

Overall Cons Of STIHL:

  • You have to purchase batteries and chargers separately.
  • For details, technical information, updates, illustrated parts lists, and workshop manual, you have to visit their authorized dealer shop.

Types of Pole Pruner They Are Selling:

As I said earlier, they sell manual pole pruner along with gasoline and battery powered one. As per their website, they are selling them under three different heads. They are-

  • Homeowner Pole Prunerswhich is a gas powered and budget friendly pole pruner, targeting general homeowner for the non-professional level of use mainly.
  • Professional Pole Prunerswhich are mostly gas powered heavy duty pole saw along with some manual telescopic saw for the professional level of users.
  • Battery Pole Prunerswhich battery powered pole saw for a mid or small level or users.

We would love to present all their top rated STIHL tree pruners on following way.

Best STIHL Manual Pole Saw Reviews:

The manual telescopic pole pruner is the best option for very lightweight and infrequent use. You can choose a manual pole pruner if you have a very small lawn with a few trees to be pruned.

STIHL has a range of manual tree trimmer as an option.

The are consecutively PP 100, 101, 600, 800, 900. Among them, only PP 900 comes with a complete set included pole, saw, cutting head or mouth pruner.

PP 100 and 101 comes with the only pole attaching mouth pruner on the head.You have to buy saw separately here. And PP 600 and 800 comes with only the pole. The saw and mouth pruner are to be purchased separately.

The Pros of STIHL Manual Pole Pruner:

  • Very lightweight and easy to carry and use.
  • It’s reliable and built quality is great.
  • Very good saw and mouth pruner.
  • You can configure parts as per your wish.

The Cons of STIHL Manual Pole Pruner:

  • Not a good choice if you have lots of trees to be pruned.
  • Time-consuming and take a good amount of effort compared to power pole pruner.

PP 900 Pole Pruner Set Reviews:

This is the only model that comes with a complete set. STIHL PP 900 is ideal for demanding, precise pruning. They’ve marked this pruner with a professional tag.

They claim this trimmer perfect for heavy use. It comes with two separate poles each of them is 6 feet long. The total length is 12 feet excluding saw.

However, you may, if you want, buy and add an extra 6 feet pole on it. So you can expand the pole range up to 18 feet which is really great for most of us.

The set also includes a Lopper head with a high-carbon steel blade. The saw blade is great for cutting branches up to 1.25” in diameter.

The saw head is sold separately and you may replace any of its parts as you want. The saw head is compatible with the PS 70 blade.

STIHL PP 100 and PP 101 Reviews:

These two models do not come with any saw but with mouth pruner only. These are the great choice if you don’t need any saw to cut thick branches but a simple pruner to bring down hard-to-reach branches with the squeeze of a handle.

This manual pruner is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs only 2 lbs. The hand grip includes a remote blade lock which is specially designed for precision cutting at almost any angle.

The overall length of the telescopic pruner is 7 feet and best for bringing down up to 75 inches in diameters branches.

STIHL PP 600 and PP 800 Telescopic pole Reviews:

These two models- PP 600 and PP 800 come only with a pole, no mouth pruner, no saw blade included.

The pole extension of PP 600 is 4.5′ to 10.8 and in the case of PP 800 is 7′ to 18.5′. This is the main difference between these two.

You have to buy saw heads and lopper attachments separately. And don’t worry about them as there are plenty of good choices on the dealer shop.

Verdicts: Best for very lightweight use in a small lawn with a few trees. Not wise to buy if you have arthritis or similar problem because it will take your good amount of time and physical effort. In such case, go for electric pole saw.

Best STIHL Battery Powered Pole Saw Reviews:

Battery powered pole saw or cordless pole pruner is the best choice for mid-level, unprofessional and portable use. Comparing to manual pole pruner, they will make your work automated, smooth and fast also. the maintenance is hazard free.The longevity of such tree trimmer is also satisfactory.

Another great advantage of STIHL battery operated pole saw is they are budget friendly than gas operated one.

STIHL only have two option to choose if you are looking for STIHL cordless telescopic pole pruner. They are respectively HTA 65 and HTA 85.

The only noticeable difference between these two model is HTA 65 is a fixed length pole pruner while HTA 85 telescopic pruner comes with adjustable shape.

If you don’t have a problem with the fixed length, you may go for it. Otherwise, I would suggest going for HTA 85 models the length of which is longer than it.

They both are usable with AP 100 or AP 300 Lithium-Ion battery. A fully charged (w/ AP 300) Lithium-Ion battery will give you around 50 minutes of cutting time.

So make sure what amount of working hours you need and what is the battery capacity on the pole saw you are about to buy.

The Common Features (That I Like) of all STIHL Cordless Pole Pruners:

  • As battery powered, it is environment-friendly, producing zero or low exhaust emissions.
  • It comes with STIHL anti-vibration system which is perfect for having a comfortable working experience.
  • It has multi-function control handle. You don’t have to move your hand for controlling various function.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable to carry and use.
  • Premium quality 1/4″ STIHL PICCO™ chain that is a low-kickback saw chain.
  • Run with a Lithium-Ion battery which is a great choice.
  • Superior STIHL auto lubrication system.
  • Warranty: They provide 2 years limited warranty for personal, family or household or professional use which is really decent. in case the product is used for rental purposes the warranty is 3 months only.

The Features That I Don’t Like Their Battery Powered Tree Pruner:

  • Battery & charger are sold separately. You have to spend some extra for battery and charger in some cases for extra backup battery ( If you need)

STIHL HTA 65 Reviews:

The HTA 65 is a sturdy but lightweight cordless electric pole pruner for property maintenance. This is a fixed length pole pruner run with Lithium-Ion battery technology. The overall length of the pole is seven feet and nine inches.

The Pros of HTA 65 As To Me:

  • All common features of STIHL cordless pole pruner as mentioned above.
  • 10″ or 12″ Cutting bar which is best for 5-10 inch tree branches.

The Cons of HTA 65 As To Me:

  • Fixed Length which is 7’9″.
  • No battery and charger included with the package.
  • The battery could be more powerful.
  • Not as powerful as gas pole pruner.

STIHL HTA 85 Reviews:

STIHL HTA 85 is a great choice if you are looking for a longer extension. It is a 12’ telescopic pole pruner, powered by 36-volt Lithium-Ion battery technology.

The Pros of HTA 85 As To Me:

  • All common features of STIHL cordless pole pruner as mentioned above.
  • 10″ or 12″ Cutting bar which is best for 5-10 inch tree branches.
  • Pole Extension range is 8.2″ to 12.1″.

The Cons of HTA 85 As To Me:

  • No battery and charger included with the package.
  • Battery Could be more powerful.
  • Less powerful than the gas powered one.

Best STIHL Gas Powered Pole Saw Reviews:

STIHL gas pole pruner means a high performance and precise pole saw with a redesigned gearbox and extended service life.

You may divide STIHL gas pole pruner into two divisions.

  • Fixed Length Pole Saw.

There are three models come with a fixed-length pole pruner. They are HT 102, HT 132 and HT 250. The difference among them is on larger displacement engine, fuel capacity, pole length etc which are very minor.

STIHL HT 102 and HT 132 are almost similar in the feature. HT 132 comes with a larger displacement engine for tough cutting jobs than HT 102.

  • Extendable Pole Length.

Some FAQ About STIHL Pole Pruners:

You may have a few questions regarding their products or others. Here I have listed with answers some of the most frequently asked questions about STIHL and their available products.

Why doesn’t STIHL sell online but through their authorized dealers?

If you want to buy genuine products from STIHL, you will have to go to their authorized dealers listed on their website nearer to your location.

They aim to provide the best value to its customer. They believe in the face to face dealings at a Dealership that can expedite the resolution of an issue. They want their customer to have the first-hand experience of unpacking, preparing, testing the unit he purchased.

You will also receive a short training session on the parts and controls of the unit both for their safety and protection as well as for familiarity of the power tool in question.

If you visit their dealer shop, you will receive a decent customer care. They will show the best tools within your budget and also explain why it is best.

How can I register my STIHL product?

You don’t need to take any a headache for that. The particular dealer from whom you have bought the products will make an entry of registration before you leave the store. The STIHL does not offer any unique website for such registration as the dealers have their service website for this reasons.

The servicing conditions are agreed mutually by both dealer and customer at the time of sale.

I have a complaint about my dealer. What can I do?

If you found your particular dealer is not providing support as the promises or for any other specific reasons, you can contact STIHL through their official website contact form. Be sure to include a brief description, Dealer name, city, and state.

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