Best Remington Pole Saw

Remington is one of the best choices for gas, and electric pole saw. This post is all about best Remington pole saw reviews with details technical specification.

Currently, they only produce three different models where two is corded pole saw, and only one gas powered pole saw.

The models are very popular on the market with lots of positive feedback. So it can be easily said that they believe in the quality of products than quantity.

Company Overview:

They are mostly popular for producing firearm under the company “Remington Arms” which was founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington.

In 1921, a man named Arthur Mall opened a small power tool company and started out building gasoline and electrically powered drills and saws. The tools were well appreciated on the market by its users.

Because of such overwhelm feedback and appreciation, they launched the first Remington chainsaw in 1954. They released their first electric chainsaws and pole saws in 1990.

In recent time, They added gas trimmers, cultivators, blowers, and three new chainsaw platforms to the Remington line of equipment

Do They use their self-produced chainsaw on final products?

No, they use a third party but reliable chainsaw on final products. At first, they used outsourced parts from Desa International. But now they are using chainsaw made by MTD manufacturers. This is a good move as to me.

MTD (Founded in 1932) Products is an American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for the mass market. MTD’s main competitors are Stihl, Ariens, Snapper Inc., John Deere and Husqvarna.

Best Remington Pole Saw

Remington produces three popular models of pole pruner. The Models are RM1025p, RM1025SPS, and RM2599 where the first two is corded electric pole saw, and the last one is gas pole saw.

Why Do I suggest to Buy Remington Pole Saw?

There are some clear advantages of buying Remington pole pruner over other company. Some of which are-

  • Number one reason for what I am recommending to buy Remington pole saw is they are detachable in nature!!! It means you can easily separate the chainsaw from the pole and use it as a regular chainsaw. It will need no tools for that.
  • The models are popular on market with lots of positive feedback, especially Remington RM1025SPS (Corded pole pruner)

Reasons For Not To Buy Remington Pole Pruner:

Yes, There are also some apparent reasons for not buying their tools. They are-

  • They lack auto oiling features on chainsaw (applicable on the electric powered model only not on gas powered model) which is imperative for keeping chainsaw safe and sharp. You have to push manually a bulb on the small oil tank prior to making a cut. This is really annoying to me.
  • They don’t have any cordless pole pruner as well as no choices for gas pruner.

Remington Electric Pole Saw Reviews:

Remington electric pole saw are corded pole saw in nature. They have two models available right now. The models are RM1025p and RM1025sps. RM1025sps is nothing but a few minor updates of RM1025p. The features of both models are identical.

As per some of the users, RM1025p has some oil leaking problem in some angle use which I have not noticed on online in RM1025SPS yet. So you are recommended to go with its descendant models RM1025SPS where fixes (not sure yet, sorry) have been applied.

Remington Electric Pole Pruner Features:

Here are are some great features that are available on their corded pole pruner.

Some of the noticeable features are-

  • One of the most valuable features is two in one detachable saw. That means you can separate the chainsaw from the pole and use that as regular chainsaw without any tools.
  • There is a comfortable non-slippery grip on the handle and also flip and lock clamps to secure pole length that will give you a great support on a hard job.
  • The cutting bar length is 10 inch which is great for 5 inch and reasonable for up to 8 inches in diameter tree branches with low kickback.
  • Motor engine capacity is 8 AMP which is around 1 HP which is enough for most of the cutting requirements.
  • It has a 10-foot extendable aluminium pole. So you may reach up to 15 feet including your height.
  • Very reliable, easy to use and maintenance is also hazard free.
  • Each purchase includes 2 years of limited warranty.

However, Nothing is perfect. They have some serious lacking also. Some of them are-

  • No auto oiling features for the chainsaw, so you have to lubricate the chainsaw before each cutting job.
  • Some complaint about oiling tank (made for the lubrication of chainsaw) leakage on some particular angle uses.

Best Remington Gas Pole Saw:

Remington has only one, but a great choice in case of gas operated pole pruner. The model is RM2599 maverick gas pole saw. The pole saw is great, cheap priced choices made by MTD for heavy users.

The other models sold by them are corded where you will undergo the lack of portability. If you need something portable, long life heavy use in a remote area where there are no source of electricity, this is the only but a great choice you do have here.

Remington RM2599 Gas Pole Saw Reviews:

Gas powered pole pruner is a great choice for professional and heavy use. The tree trimmer has the automatic lubrication feature that lacks on their electric powered model.

The great thing is here you can turn the pole chainsaw into an awesome hedge trimmer, blower, edger and more through attachment feature.

The gas powered pruner include 25cc 2-cycle engine, 8-inch cutting bar, 7-foot extension pole.

The Features I Like Here:

  • The auto lubrication system of the chainsaw.
  • Accepts most attachments.
  • Powerful gas engine.
  • 2 years limited warranty.

The Lacking I Find Here:

  • The cutting bar could be 10 inches long.
  • Extension pole could be more than 12 feet.

The final word is Remington is a good brand. You may choose them over other if you want your tools both as pole saw and as a regular chainsaw.

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