Creating Automatic Yards!

– Since 1989 –

We help make yard work easier and do we dare say, more fun!

Sustainable Lawns. Understand how to grow eco-friendly and sustainable lawns easily and super low cost!

Organic. It’s time to think organically about your yard. This is where your children and pets play, keep it a safe environment.

The environmental and health benefits of organic Lawns and gardens

Local produce

When you grow your own foood, you know exactly what you’re getting!

No pesticides

The time of chemicals and pesticides is over.

Respect of nature

Your yard should be an extension of nature, and help sustain the environment around you.

No waste

We show you how to have zero waste in your yard, garden and lawn.

A wonderful eco-friendly website!

The Ecologist Journal

Social Responsibility

It’s time to stop leaching chemicals and pesticides into the ground water, wasting huge tracks of land on grass, and wasting time and money working with outdated equipment.

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